Who Are We?

We’re the Brothers GM. Like the Brothers Grimm, except not German and not dead.

Garrett Schotborgh is a Game Design major that was heavily inspired by Dungeons and Dragons and other epic works of fiction. His commentary text will show up as red (sorry Camron). He prefers to look deeper into the mechanics of development and playability when analyzing the game. If he ever seems harsh in his critiques, it’s because he is.

Josiah Schotborgh is an aspiring writer and fan of pretty much anything fantasy. Like his brother, he’s a huge fan of anything remotely related to Tolkien or sci-fi. His commentary text will be blue (and probably more grammatically sound)He’ll be focusing more on story ideas and lore for our campaign.

We created this site to document our creation of a Dungeons & Dragons Campaign from scratch. As we reach different roadblocks or challenges in the design process, we plan to write articles about how we handle them. Our goal is a vivid and complete world that has been documented at every stage of its development.

After the world is functional, we plan on using it. The two of us are going to run separate adventures with separate parties, posting their progress as they go along. Character backstories, session live-streams, and even some fun lore about villains that the parties encounter are potential additions to the site, as well.

At the very least, this creative project should provide guidance for us as we move on. And hopefully, there’ll be some fun opportunities for our players and viewers to get involved with the worldbuilding.

Here’s to a successful adventure!