Atlas: Kyvann

The continent of Kyvann is home of several nations, most of which have sporadically battled for supremacy over the last few centuries.

The human kingdom of Lloegr covers most of the southern coast of Kyvann. Fields of fertile farmland extend for miles before meeting the Alderwood, which in turn rises up to blanket much of the Crown Mountains. The kingdom of Lloegr, while mainly comprised of humans, has come to include members of various other races due to conquered territory and the subsequent absorption of cultures in recent years.

Roughly bisecting the continent from East to West, the snow-capped peaks of the Crown Mountains offer a natural divide for the continent. The Crown Mountains are home to most of the Kyvanni Dwarf clans, but their tunnel networks burrow deep below the surface, and extend far beyond the shadow of the Crowns. While the Crowns have traditionally been exclusively Dwarf territory, in the aftermath of the Iron Crusade the armies of Lloegr conquered a significant foothold in the easternmost leg of the mountain range.

The Wild Elves of Harshwood forest, while scattered and nomadic, still mark a formidable danger for travelers who leave their disrespect behind. While the fair folk find sanctuary in the woods, there are rumors of planar portals that transport Kyvanni elves to the Horizon, the Elves’ original homeland.

The climate grows colder as one travels farther north. The Lakelands in northwestern Kyvann devolve into swampy marshland at times. The decaying muck has swallowed what remains of ancient civilizations, though there are still some who manage to eke out a living there.

Across the tundra that covers Kyvann’s northern coast, the Shattered Isles protrude from the freezing ocean. Those cold spires are home to myriad threats including treacherous seas, seafaring clans of barbarians, and monsters wielding fin, horn and wing.

Kyvann is an ancient and wild land, scattered with ruins of past civilizations and wells of strange magic. While a tenuous peace has settled the land for now, those who call Kyvann home know that it is only a matter of time before the land descends into chaos once again.

Royalty-Free Photo from Pexels

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