History: The Confession of the Prophet

This piece was released as a token of lament in times of trouble. The Prophet will always show a confession in his own trials to give inspiration to those who struggle in similar areas. In this case, this passage takes place directly after the formation of the Hounds, a heretical group to the Church of Anim:

29th of Turnsoil, 1346

Written as a confession of the Prophet:

Forgive me, Life Giver, for my creation has turned to darkness. As simple as serving our Creator is, the role of Prophet brings a heavy burden on the shoulders of a man. My duties were to look after my people as a shepherd would watch his sheep, returning those who are lead astray. Because I let one go, half of the flock has followed out of blindness.

My duties took me away from one of the most important things in my life: my son and successor, Kuruka. He grew in strength and devotion to you but has lost faith in the action of our people. A bringer of chaos slaughtered a village under Kuruka’s protection, whom he only saved those important to himself. His own fault he has shifted towards the Council, diverging the church into the traditional and the heretics. Kuruka led our warriors out of Morgo, and we are but shepherds without staffs in the face of danger.

In such desperation, you have led him away from our teachings. He has been guided to the lands of Lloegr to root out evil and leave us defenseless. His selfish actions in the face of his kingdom has left his own father broken and lost. His gifts that were granted by you remain, and you join in his destruction. Only the passage of time will keep us from falling as Sadek, crumbling to a nation without a home. What is to come of our people?

But without his actions, we would leave evils festering in the kingdom. When I am to pass my title to Kuruka, the powers of destruction would be too great for my son to bear. Kuruka is for the future of the Creator, a motive not to be questioned by the mortal souls the Life Giver created. Who was Sadek to decide the ruin of his kingdom spawned the glory of Morgo? Who are we to decide the fallings of heretics bring destruction to our people?

Praise be the King of Gods, the seer of our glory. His will shall guide the Council to the paragon of action, and lead me to the light of renewal. My doubts are nothing compared to the plans of our Father, for his will reigns over all. Praise to Kuruka to smite the evil in the world, and praise to Morgo to shed anew in the dawn of change. Let the will of Anim spring Morgo into a stronger glory than ever before.

Let the will of Anim be done.


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