Codex: Lunar Wolf

Since the Lunar Synchrony, many of the beasts and creatures of the Moons flooded into the Material World. While most creatures have since been eradicated, the lunar wolf is one who has found its use in the society of man. Intelligent and cunning, these creatures are blessed by the Sisters to find any prey that escapes the naked eye and hunt down the hidden or lost. A hunter who befriends a lunar wolf will easily provide his town food for every winter to come, and a scholar who befriends the creature can search for lost artifacts or missing pages to a tome without difficulty.

The lunar wolf itself is constantly searching for its way home among the Sisters. As such, lunar wolves are never stationary and always on the move. Taming a lunar wolf is impossible, but a wolf can establish a relationship equal to a friendship between two people. They enjoy the company of traveling nomads, as their travels might bring them to a lunar gate.

The wolves have short lives, as their ancestors spent their normal lives on one of the moons. In the Material World, they mature at two years and expire at twenty years. This gives each lunar wolf agency and a willingness to seek aid amongst man. Their main diet is similar to a normal wolf, but their hunts end swiftly with the help from their innate powers. They seek out the deceivers of the world and enjoy exposing their lies with the hunt.

Art Credit: JL Arte Natural

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