Update: Let’s Get Organized

Thanks everyone for checking out the start of this little project of ours! Now that we have the site up and running, ads were taken off, and a schedule has been written out to get you your content! Unless noted otherwise, we release all of our content at 12:00 PST, with the exception of Josiah who posts when he wants because that stuff is gold. This schedule is subject to change, as we may add or remove content in the coming months before we start our full campaign.

Media Outlets: we will have more discussions daily on the Facebook Discussion Page as well as tweeting more frequently each day on Twitter, so keep your eyes out for fun posts, polls, and other content that will make the site better. Speaking of the site, we have a new domain! Tell your friends we are now at thebrothersgm.com and support the site by giving us your feedback, questions, and comments. We are excited for the start of this project, and even more excited for the months to come!

Monday – Codex: Locations

Tuesday – Flash Fiction Article

Wednesday – Codex: Characters

Thursday – Player Advice

Friday – Codex: History

Saturday – Dungeon Master Advice

Sunday – Codex: Bestiary

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